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How it works


We offer a variety of different wood for your personal engravings. Our common materials are listed below. If you would like something not listed on our list, please email us to see if there’s something we can do for you!

Aspen, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Pine, Cypress, Honduran Mahogany, Tiger wood, Teak,  and Distressed wood

We also laser engrave on solid materials AND laser engrave cookies, apple pie crusts, and pumpkins during holidays!

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic and glass, brick, stone, Marble and Granite


Decide how big you would like your engraving to be. If we can fit it, we’ll do it! Anything that measures 30” X 24” or over can be done upon special request.

Select photos that you would like to use in your personal engraving.


Attach your selected photos in an email with your name, material choice, and size preference.


Select a material and attach your photos. Have a couple of questions? We’re here to answer!

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Preserving Memories

Often we search for a truly unique way to capture, hold and keep something that means so much to us it deserves more than a picture on our phone or a picture in an album. Printing pictures and hanging them on the wall is Ok, but sometimes the memories and love we have and reflect on calls for something beyond the ordinary.High Style NXS is offering you a very special service for those times. “Reflection in Time” provides you a lasting memory prepared in a way that honors those one in a thousand memories we always want to keep alive and share.

Each one of us has them. Maybe it’s our daughter’s first step or the first time we went fishing with dad.  Our Honeymoon with the love of our life or maybe the time our brother saved a life.

 Our first fish or elk.

A four-legged companion and friend in a Celebration of life. Having something that always reminds us of just how special and close we became.

Would you give something special that honors your son or daughter when they joined the military? Or to honor a Veteran for his service and love for this country?

How about a fallen Hero, or a special way to remember mom?

Every Special Moment

Is a reflection in time.

Our memories are often a large part of what defines us. They can make us happy when we are down, they can give us strength when we are tired and feel like we can’t go on.

Because this is what life is all about, High Style NXS takes the time to create a “Reflection in Time” designed especially for you or that special loved one.

You will be surprised just how affordable these gifts can be and how quickly they can be made. If someone means so very much to you, why wouldn’t you find a way to give them something no one else could? A one of a kind memory and piece of art that truly means something special.

Show them you really care, Give them a “Reflection in Time”.

Artist David Murphy is available to discuss with you your special memories. Family, friends, employees, give them a lasting special, one of a kind gift!

Reflections example 1
Reflections example 2
Reflections example 3