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Read about how REFLECTIONS came to be and the passionate craftsman who started it all.

About The Owner

How It Started

Meet David

I am an Honorably discharged Veteran from the United States Air Force. I was a Radio Communications Analyst and Security Specialist during that time. After that I worked in EMS and later started my own businesses.


The first cup I ever did – people that worked in EMS fell in love with it. Everybody wanted one. I had to tell them this was a one of a kind and I couldn’t just go grab one off the shelf. That cup was stolen to my dismay, and I decided to make another. Then I started having people want me to make them a one of a kind personalized cup. I started doing these and thought it would be a great side business. One thing led to another and I bought my AP laser to do custom engraving.


Building Memories

My art work has always focused on personalization. I find people reach a point in friendships and relationships that they want to focus on personal memories.

Life is fragile and fleeting. We often find very special moments and people are gone in a blink of an eye. When this happens people want to find ways of remembering these moments and people as they were when they were together. I work to capture this. I work to get better and better everyday and I will never take a shortcut.

I put everything I have into each piece I make. The photographs of people that often are no longer in this persons life; or a very special anniversary; a new son or Granddaughter. I help turn these moments and photographs into  life long cherished memories that can be passed down for generations.

I design and create a Reflection in Time. I am not just creating a piece of Art, I am preserving a memory to last forever.



Our memories are often a large part of what defines us. They can make us happy when we are down, they can give us strength when we are tired and feel like we can’t go on.

Because this is what life is all about, Reflections takes the time to create a “Reflection in Time” designed especially for you or that special loved one.

You will be surprised just how affordable these gifts can be and how quickly they can be made. If someone means so very much to you, why wouldn’t you find a way to give them something no one else could? A one of a kind memory and piece of art that truly means something special.

Show them you really care, Give them a “Reflection in Time”.